Thursday, 2 April 2015


I recently had a lot of fun teaming up photographer Cathy Schulser  and The Third Row  to style some shots featuring popular products from their store.

 Production Diana Campbell - Styling Kylie Jackes - Photography Cathy Schulser
The Third Row is a unique online directly/store which rounds up the latest products by independent designers and stores, allowing you to easily click your way around the web to get your hands on top trending designs.
Interior's Addict recently profiled Diana Campbell, the founder of The Third Row, which you can read here.

 Production Diana Campbell - Styling Kylie Jackes - Photography Cathy Schulser
Some of my favourite products from the shoot included -
 Production Diana Campbell - Styling Kylie Jackes - Photography Cathy Schulser
While they say never work with children or animals, I've found Tulips to be the most temperamental of the lot. They're incredibly uncooperative in hot whether, yet even though they tend to flop they're natural beauty still makes them a star - much like a top model.
 Production Diana Campbell - Styling Kylie Jackes - Photography Cathy Schulser

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

profile my global merchant

Sue Beagley, owner & buyer of My Global Merchant
When you shop online you want the hard work to be done for you and that is precisely what Sue Beagley of My Global Merchant provides. An online store featuring products she has procured from various parts of the world, direct from the makers. A treasure trove of rugs, ceramics, textiles and accessories from Africa, Italy, Turkey, Morocco and Hungry, Sue truly is a purveyor of beautiful, handcrafted worldly goods with many travel stories to tell. To peruse the entire collection head to My Global Merchant

How would you describe yourself?

A Mum, a traveller, who is passionate, wilful and tenacious.


What was your childhood dream?

Just to grow up, it was a pretty wild childhood. I think I really loved fashion and was making my own patterns and clothes, so I really wanted to make anything eclectic. I have always loved beautiful things, paintings, ceramics and fashion.


What led you down your current path and inspired you to launch 
My Global Merchant ?

Travelling opens your eyes to what the world is. Each country reflects something different in their art and craft and it's intrinsically in-bedded in what they create. This is usually diluted by the time we as buyers get to see it. So being able to share some of the amazing things I have seen whilst travelling really made me want to begin My Global Merchant. All my products are bought so someone can enjoy something beautiful from somewhere else, not just as a commercial enterprise. Through business we support family producers who are artisans and who create beautiful products in a traditional and ethical way. Mass production dilutes the purpose and detail and I really want to promote the small creators who do this as a way of life and who will teach their sons and daughters how to do what they do.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love sourcing the products and coming upon something and realising how special and beautiful it is. It's tedious and tiring, but also incredibly rewarding as we find just the most amazing stories behind these products. The negotiations enrich my life because I get to meet some many different characters, each with their own individual story.


What do you stock and how do you source your product range? 

A thoughtful collection of ceramics, textiles, cushions, leather goods  and rugs from Turkey, Morocco,  Italy, France and Africa. I like to travel all around and source from any country I visit. I look for unique, handmade, traditionally crafted pieces that will remind you of the country they are from. They should speak loudly of their source and most importantly be beautiful and extremely well made. 

Who are some of your favourite homeware designers?

I have always loved Liberty of London, very commercialised but the country girl in me loves the repetition and colour ways. Tinker by Printink Studio has the most lovely sense of colour and pattern and I'm loving  Fictional Objects bedlinen.


What sets your store apart?

We are online, based in Brisbane. Every product is unique and we don't tend to repeat styles. Our range has longevity and I like the idea of people valuing them and keeping them for a really longtime. We don't stock anything mass produced and I think that is very important in today's throw away society.

What challenges have you had to overcome? 
In life; balancing having four kids who all live in different countries and running a small business as well as a small cattle and fruit farm. In business; transportation from all over the world can be a bit problematic.

What's been a 'pinch yourself' moment?
The moment I decided this, which was a passion and  hobby, could become a business that allowed me to share what I love with Australia. I believe that everyone should have a chance to purchase something from another country and know it was made with passion, integrity and skill.
What are your top creative resources?
The Design Files, The Interiors Addict,  Inside Out and design everywhere on Tumblr.

What's next?
Scandinavia; Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. Possibly......

When the weekend rolls around what do you love to:

Read - The latest bookclub read.

Watch- A movie at the cinema.

Cook- Using something I have grown at the farm.

Create- I'm making a mosaic pot with some ceramics that didn't make the journey!

Listen to- Oceania, Jens Leckman, Jose Gonzalez & Lou Reed.

Dream about- Family and everyone being a bit closer in vicinity to each other.

Look forward to- Time to catch my breath.

Friday, 20 March 2015

gorgeous gorman

Gorman's autumn 2015 Home Time Greenhouse Collection has landed and it's bright and prickly. In a spectrum of greens and abstract jigsaw prints the colourful collection will add plenty of cheer to your interior during the cooler months. It seems pom poms are going to be BIG this year.
Available in selected stores and online, you can checkout the entire range here.

Monday, 9 March 2015


Sometimes when it comes interiors a little help doesn't go astray. It might simply be getting a second option as to whether you should splurge on those bar stools, advice as to which combination of bed linen suits your room, or some encouragement to embrace change, be bold and opt for a darker, moodier paint shade. 

If you don't have a trusty style consultant, the good news is now you can seek design advice from stylists, including myself, online. Just launched, STYLECT is a one stop design service with stylists around Australia providing their expertise to solve decorating dilemmas, help source pieces for your specific space or suggest how you can completely revamp a room, specifying everything from the paint and furniture placement, to lighting and decorative finishing touches. To find out more head here.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

ikea emojis

Ever since I embraced the benefits of a smart phone a few years ago, I've been a fan of emojis. Who wants to type the word coffee when you can simply send an icon? You can use the faces to convey all kinds of emotional states, send whether reports, the balloon is always popular on birthdays and as I have a 18 month-old the smiling poo is also a favourite.

So when I heard IKEA had recently launched their own series of emojis I was quite excited. As a devotee from way back, I've got lots of IKEA furniture including the much loved Poang below and a trip to my nearest IKEA (an hour and half away) has always been a highly anticipated expedition, which always includes an obligatory coffee and cinnamon bun and a take home pack of Swedish Meatballs.

The inspiration behind the IKEA emoticons is to apparently reduce misunderstandings between men and women in the home and help communicate your desires and hints. As there are several domestic related emojis such as a broom, bin, tools, vacuum cleaner and toilet - it seems the idea is to suggest what jobs may need attending to in particular areas of the house. According to Ikea, " It's simply impossible to feel offended if you tell some one to clean up if you say it with IKEA Emoticons." And with emojis of several iconic IKEA products, including the meatballs, it's never been easier to text your shopping list through to friends.

To download the app for your iPhone head here and for Android head here.  Enjoy 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


It must be nearing the end of summer, as the autumn edition of Queensland Homes hit the shelves today. Here's a peak at few stories I wrote in the current edition - a beautiful coastal home by Sunshine Coast design group Aboda, and my friend Leanne's Scandi inspired black summer house. Pick up a copy of the magazine for plenty more home inspiration.

This home at Castaways Beach has the most amazing views, as you can see. The outlook from the kitchen is incredible - the coastline stretches as far as the eye can see.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

outdoor living.

It's been a little quiet around here, but now I'm back with a newly renovated blog, which has been a long time coming - a little more on that later. With just a few weeks to savour the last of summer I thought I'd first share some great pieces of outdoor furniture I spied at Freedom.

I was overwhelmed with excitement when I pulled up at my local store and spotted these little gems. Obviously inspired by saucer chairs from the 60s/70s, these Olly occasional outdoor chairs are a modern classic. I searched obsessively a few years back trying to find original saucer chairs on eBay, without any luck. It seemed the only saucer chairs in existence for sale were in Adelaide and sadly pick up only, which is a bit of a drive when you're in Queensland. Yet these to me are a perfect alternative and rust free.

I love a good outdoor pot plant too. To checkout the entire outdoor range at Freedom, head here. But hurry, summer's almost over.